Tips For Using The Dell Inspiron 6000 Battery?

Lithium(li-ion) Dell Inspiron 6000 Battery series: 310-6321 310-6322 312-0339 312-0339 312-0348 312-0349 312-0350 C5974 D5318 F5635 G5260 G5266 U4873 (11.1V - 6600mAh / 4400mAh) : Best replacement for DELL Inspiron 6000 9200 9300 9400 E1705, Inspiron XPS Gen 2, XPS M170, XPS M1710. See details at here.

How to identify Dell inspiron 6000 battery?

Firstly, you need to know the model of your laptop or the using Dell laptop battery part code, for e.g. dell inspiron 6000, or DELL 310-6321. There is also usually a label on the laptop battery, and some of this information on the label will help the customer service teams to identify your battery quickly.
This information includes the voltage of the battery pack (note: this is not the same as the voltage on the power supply), the capacity of the battery pack and the chemical construction of the battery pack e.g.Li-ion, Ni-MH or Ni-Cd. This information can be used to ensure the information you have provided matches the information the online website have about your battery. Many battery packs also have part numbers on the label; this can sometimes be used to help identify the battery. Usually, it is best to have all this information to the customer service teams before order the Dell inspiron 6000 battery when you don't identify it.