Portable Universal External Laptop Battery

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This is a portable external extend battery pack with nine adapter plugs for different plates, thinner and lighter, good functions make a laptop work without a battery in it with the external laptop battery charger. For its universal charger function that you only adjust its rating voltages to fit your machine proper output. Read the reference before you use the universal function, please. The connector plugs sign UK and USA standard. It can power from laptops to cell phones and pdas. The price is only for £ 83.04, cheap but high quality, guaranteed. Features built in variable voltage selection from 19V, 16V, 9V, 8.4V, 6V, 5V, 4.2V. Packed with power at 20000mAh/74WH Capacity. With USB connector and power cord. Light weight. As external laptop battery pack, charger and adapter power range from laptop ACER AcerNote/ Aspire/ Extensa/ Note Light / Travelmate, HP Pavilion series, IBM Thinkpad series, Dell lnspiron series, NEC Versa series to Toshiba Satellite series and Samsung Sens series. Extra, it also charge cell phone battery for Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ercsson very well. It's a absolute good choice in travelling, or daily backup power need, easy life. Quick charge with automatic control protects battery from overcharging, short circuit, and electronic shock.