Spare battery laptop - Universal external laptop batteries

The convenience of external laptop battery is portable, ligther and thinner, smart appearance, intelligent functions. It can charge from laptop to mobile phone series. The external laptop battery is designed with eight plugs. If the external laptop battery connector and your laptop power is the same, then it can aslo used as power adapter. It's new generation products and common popular.


How to improve the battery life for IBM laptop?

Occasionally, I opened the Configuration software of my laptop IBM Thinkpad T42 series and make a recondition with ibm laptop battery(Actual, it is a charged and discharged course of a notebook itselfe),After it, it's surprised to me that the battery life is almost up to one hour. It's wonderful.

The recondition course as below:
1. Firstly, download a management tool software of Thinkpad, then making these below operation steps.

2. Below these photos in series, which shouldn't need to extraly explation explanation.

3. Click the recondition battery now,Please Note: the course of charged and discharged, don't unplug the power, the whole course will last about over one hour.

How? Have it a try. But i don't make sure the effort. Aha.

Small tips: for IBM T Series, the battery life is signed four hours, generally, it can work up over 3 hrs. Its differences can be tested in 6 cells and 9 cells ibm laptop battery pack. Try serval times in deep discharged.

By the way, if you need other laptop battery pack and power supply adapter accessories, may the website can help u.

IBM laptop battery series: THINKPAD T40 THINKPAD T42 ThinkPad T60


Vaio Sony rechargeable battery pack PCGA-BP2NY PCGA-BP2NX

SONY PCGA-BP2NX battery coupons! Universal Vaio Sony rechargeable battery pack PCGA-BP2NY PCGA-BP2NX replacement, purchase Sony PCGA-BP2NX battery cheaply now.

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Universal 6600mAh HP Pavilion Zd7000 battery pack(12-cell)

Hewlett-Packard HP Pavilion Zd7000 laptop battery pack.

I bought this HP Pavilion ZD7000 battery as a backup for my laptop. The battery I received was a 3rd party generic, but! IT WORKS PERFECTLY in my HP Pavilion ZD7000. the battery charges fast and battery life over 3hrs.

The specs of the HP Pavilion ZD7000 battery I received are: Li-ion 6600mAh 14.8V.

hp pavilion zd7000 battery

As its high capacity, i's glad to keep playing games, watching videos, listening to music, and viewing photo slide shows. It's great to find a backup at a GREAT PRICE! (Less that £ 36.04 at the time)


Pay attention to use laptop power adapter

1. Don't dismantle freely.

2. Don't use outside door, which avoid overheat, fire and electric shock.

3. Don't touch the power adapter with wet hand, or immerse it in water and other liquid.

4. Don't use the adapter in other laptop computers, which avoid electric shock, fire or the damage of parts.

5. Please use the AC power cord matched your computer at home. However, please use the local standard power cord when at overseas.

Actual usage refers to Dell inspiron 2500 laptop battery with adapter and COMPAQ PRESARIO 1200 Laptop Battery Pack and Adapter


Paster In Series

laptop battery, laptop battery charger, external laptop battery charger, other related parts

I want to have it in series. Code as follow: